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We provide B2B solutions for the development of interoperable services and applications on top of an open software solution driven by Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data standards.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) market focusing on the development of distributed, interoperable, data-driven and context-aware Web applications and services. Target domains include smart farming, industrial IoT, structural health monitoring, environmental monitoring, cultural heritage and electronic fuel dispensing.


The detection and distribution of events over Knowledge Graphs providing a scalable open model that can be applied in several vertical domains characterized by dynamic, not structured and heterogeneous data.


Semantic data representation improves analytics and sharing capabilities, facilitating relationships and patterns discovery among big data sets.

Cross domain interoperability

Our solution enables interoperability through Semantic Web and Linked Data, offering at the same time discovery and orchestration capabilities for the Web of Things.

We exploit the SPARQL Event Processing Architecture supporting SPARQL 1.1 compliant endpoints as well as the integration of third parties tools to access, visualize, aggregate and analyze big data sets.

Developers can benefit of API for a fast and easy development of multi-cross-domain, distributed, data-driven and interoperable Web applications.

Knowledge graphs, AI, Digital Twin and IoT

Knowledge Graphs technology improves analytics and sharing capabilities of unstructured, heterogeneous and schema-less data, and provides a breeding ground for AI algorithms and techniques.

The detection and distribution of events, combined with the Digital Twin paradigm, make our solution very much suitable for all the domains characterized by dynamic, not structured and heterogeneous data, like the Internet of Things.


Luca Roffia

Founder SW Developer

Cristiano Aguzzi

Founder SW Developer

Brenno Tondato de Faria

SW Developer

Simone Persiani

SW Developer

Alessandro Fulignani

Founder FW/HW Developer

Marzio Minarelli

Founder Advisor

Andrea Ferrari

SW Developer

Ludovico Granata

SW Developer

Lorenzo Gigli

SW Developer

Marco Montanari

SW Developer

Elisa Riforgiato

Ontology expert

Lorenzo Trivelli

SW Developer

Alessandra Marconi

Project Manager

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