VAIMEE is an innovative startup and University of Bologna spinoff with a strong research background on semantic data, knowledge graphs and IoT technologies. VAIMEE’s mission is to develop the Milky Data Way, a solution enabling the development of interoperable Digital Twins across various vertical domains such as Industry 4.0, AgriTech, and Smart Cities.





Current and past projects

SUAVE EuroCluster is a novel pioneering European project focused on boosting urban agriculture towards sustainable and resilient urban food systems. The project is targeting European small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with the aim to support them in European and international development for the green and digital future of urban food supply.
SUAVE will benefit SMEs with different types of support services valued at 1,050M EUR that include innovation vouchers, internationalization missions to the USA, Canada and Mexico, as well as training for upskilling, networking and learning activities.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s EISMEA, Single Market Programme, Call SMP- COSME-2021-CLUSTER, under grant agreement number 101074762

Funded by NextGenerationEU within the Italian PNRR (Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza) is an acceleration program that provides base services like assessment, training, coaching business, mentoring, fund raising, business development, networking, and ad-hoc services.


AGORA is a solution designed to optimize irrigation procedures. At the project’s core is CRITERIA, an open-source, agro-hydrological model that simulates one-dimensional water flow in variable saturation soils, crop development, root water extraction, and irrigation water needs. AGORA provides irrigation advice for the next few days by integrating CRITERIA with real-time data coming from sensors and weather services. The scope of this proposal is to integrate and extend the current solution with the NEPHELE software stack. In practice, we want to integrate the CRITERIA model into a CVO and feed sensor and web services data using VOs. The integration provides the foundation for extending the solution with other sensor solutions (like Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensors and satellite observations).

My3Sec is a fully decentralized system that redefines career growth and project management. We empower individuals and employers with verified skill-oriented approaches, transforming the way we track progress.


DESMO-LD aims to design, implement and showcase a trustful Oracle prototype to interact with the ONTOCHAIN infrastructure and to provide necessary data for the operation of its applications. In particular, the project enables Ethereum Smart Contracts to gather off-chain Linked Data sources through Decentralized Smart Oracles (e.g., iExec DOracles).


DASI Breaker is a semantic open interoperability solution to break down data silos and enable the development of data portability applications and services with native support for RDF and SPARQL. At low level, DASI Breaker supports OpenID Connect for client authentication and it allows to define authorization policies though the W3C Access Control List (ACL) ontology. At a higher level, an interoperable access to data is granted by open APIs like NGSI-LD, Linked Data Platform 1.0, and Solid Protocol.